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Our holding company is VT Holdings Co., Ltd. (listed with 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange). VT Holdings group does car dealer business, housing selling business, investment business and environmental business.

Holdings Company VT Holdings Co., Ltd.
Car Dealer Business J-net Rental & Lease Co., Ltd.  (subsidiary)
Trust Absolut Auto (Proprietary) Limited (subsidiary)
Sky Absolut Auto (Proprietary) Limited (subsidiary)
Honda Cars Tokai Co., Ltd.
Nagano Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Shizuoka Nissan Auto Sales Co., Ltd.
Mikawa Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan Satio Saitama Co.,Ltd
Nissan Satio Nara Co.,Ltd
Motoren Shizuoka Co., Ltd.
CCR Motor CO., Ltd.
Scotts Motors artarmon Pty Ltd
  Scotts Honda
  Hornsby Honda
Griffin Mill Garages Limited
Wessex Garages Holdings Limited
Master Automocion, S. L.
LCI Limited
PCI Limited
SCI Co., Ltd.
C.E.S. Co., Ltd.
Housing Selling Business Archish Gallery Co. Ltd.
MIRAIZ Co., Ltd.
MG HOME Co., Ltd.
MG General Service Co., Ltd.

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